Breakfast & Lunch

Blossom is the place to be to enjoy a lovely breakfast or lunch in The Hague.

Ontbijt & lunch in The Hague

We love to tell everyone why our food is so delicious. At Blossom, all products are freshly made, every day, without unnecessary additives and where possible we always pick organic… and you can taste that!

Look at our menu to get in the right mood.

Throughout the year we cherry-pick our ingredients according to the season and, as such, our menu is always chosen with careful deliberation. This way we can create mouth-watering combinations time over time again.

How it’s made

We feel that it’s a truly great development that more and more people are interested in what exactly they’re eating. This is something we keep at heart here at Blossom. 

Every day we strive to bring you the best coffee, the most delicious bread, beautiful fruit and vegetables and of course honest meat-products. Therefore, we’d love to introduce you to our suppliers, who we all know personally by now:

Boot koffie

The best coffee in the world since 1973. Boot Coffee is of the highest quality because professionals, from coffee farmer to Barista, perform their work with love and respect.

We believe you can taste this in every cup of coffee.

Blossom uses Panamaria, named after the owner of the plantation in Boquete’s overwhelming Panama-Costa Rica border region. The plantations are located at over 1600-1800 meters, in the microclimates that can be found on the slopes of the Baru volcano. These are the most beautiful plantations located in a “mountain jungle” where the coffee plants grow among the existing crops. The “Baharque” (fine mist mist) ensures that the coffee berries flourish optimally. This makes our coffee accessible, fresh with a light citrus aftertaste, slightly sweet and at the same time wonderfully mild, full and creamy. Come and taste!

You can also buy the beans for at home!

From Menno

Ten years ago they started baking real French bread and now a large part of the better catering industry uses it every day. 

The bread is made without additives and only the highest quality flour from France, water, sea salt, from the Guerande and our own sourdough culture. 

The bread is shaped by hand and baked on a stone floor oven. This gives you a crispy, sharp crust and an irregular texture. And a lot of flavours!!